Teen Grief Group

Available for your use is material for a 6 week Grief group for teens. While I originally created this for teens upon a request I received, it most certainly can be tailored for junior high as well as adults. If you use all of the material or some of it, please drop me a line! I’d very much like to know how it is being used as well as how you might have adjusted any of it to work for your group. All of this helps me continue to improve my offerings, and I’m honored any of it can be helpful!



Teen Grief Group Session Outline

Start here with this detailed walk-through of each of the six sessions.

Handout: Journaling Ideas

Communication is an important way for us to understand our experiences. Sometimes when we have no one to talk to or when we prefer not to talk to someone about how we are feeling, journaling can be a great option.

Handout: A Tangled Ball of Emotions

The A Tangled Ball of Emotions handout shows how our feelings can be a deep entanglement.

Handout: Dear Me

Thinking about where we’d like to be in a year can be helpful in understanding better what actions we can take today. Write a letter to your future self.

Handout: Healthy Coping Ideas

Get some ideas for coping in a healthy way!