The Grief Compass offers Community, Family, and Individual-based programs to offer education, guidance, and support to people navigating loss.


Our Community based programs include support for schools and employers experiencing the death of a community member as well as education programs when a grief primer will be helpful. We host an annual, public Remembrance Ceremony to honor those we have lost, empowering and creating space for healing. Our past Community offerings have included a grief webinar with school counselors via the Illinois School Counselors Association, onsite support for Chicago employers, speaking at Chicago Public Schools professional development events, and presentations to select Chicago Public Schools teachers and families in partnership with Communities in Schools of Chicago.  You can find more resources in our Resources section.

“This was just excellent! The information was very useful and enlightening.” – School Counselor 

“Thank you for your time and presentation. I appreciate you sharing ideas about activities we can incorporate in the classroom.” – Teacher

“The way you explained Growing around grief and the visuals made me reflect on how I would want to approach the topic with a student if needed.” – Teacher

“I was glad to hear that we should use the words death and dead with our students.” – Teacher

“What are you taking away from the workshop that was helpful? Techniques to help children remember/celebrate who they lost.” – Parent


Grief in the family system can be difficult, confusing, and debilitating. Our offering to families – and friend systems – is one of support and guidance through the maze of grief. We meet in-person or virtually to provide this support.  

I am very appreciative of the time and care that Sheri took out for me when we lost our son.  Sheri’s welcoming and endearing approach allowed me to feel an instant connection with her during a very difficult time in my life.  Sheri is not only an exceptional therapist but an incredible person.  –  ND


We offer similar programs to people navigating loss and seeking guidance and support. Find numerous helpful resources in our Resources section for both those who are grieving and those who are supporting a griever. 

Other guidance from The Grief Compass includes a private Facebook group for support connection with others