Presentations | Grief in our Schools

(COVID-19) Loss & Grief During the Uncharted

Learn how your school community can respond on a student and family level to the pandemic we are experiencing. Learn to define Loss and Grief, understand how pandemic grief is showing up in both ourselves and those we support, learn 2 ways to be even more effective in your work, and, finally, add several tools and student activities to your toolbox.

Helping Students (and yourself) in Grief

Learn the foundations of Loss and Grief in this presentation that encourages you to understand your student’s grief by first understanding your own. The 4 Tasks of Mourning model is introduced as a tool along with the Lenses of Grief and the healing power in Continuing Bonds.

Helping Students (and yourself) in Grief – Pt 2

This presentation follows Part 1 and focuses on learning the importance of and power in self-soothing body & mind when working with grievers. 

Loss & Grief – School Counselors

Learn about the Dual Process Grief Model, examine Cultural and how culture relates to Grief, and identify even more ways to support students


Loss & Grief – Teachers

Even more activities to use in the classroom!