My House

My House asks you to draw your house symbolizing your strengths, ways of coping, your support systems, values, etc. I love all of these activities and tools, but I have to say this one is probably my favorite! I love doing it with the little ones and the teenagers and the grownups.. and I loved doing it myself.

This activity helps you brainstorm and really see all the resources you have available to you. Build your house by drawing a very basic house with three or four floors, a front door, a roof, a chimney. The first floor might represent areas in your life that you are working to improve or change – maybe it’s working on reading more or taking more walks. The front door goes even deeper and asks you to note the things you might keep hidden from others, maybe your fears or depression or anxieties. Moving up to the second floor, you can list all the things that you are happy about while the Roof is for the people and things that protect you and so forth.

This can be an individual activity or a discussion-provoking group activity. You can really tailor this to most age groups by simply changing which each house feature represents.