My Healing Year

One of my favorite Mantras is to begin with the end in mind popularized by late author Stephen R. Covey whch is about the idea that you envision in your mind what your eyes cannot yet see. This intentional visioning of who you want to be and what you want your life to look like empowers you to create a clear destination. It can be powerful and sometimes very needed to hit the Reflect button so you can create a vision for your life. Committing to Self-Care in very specific ways can speed up your return to joy.

The Worksheet guides you to – – –

  • Create your Grand Vision
  • Break-it Down into your daily choices
  • Prepare for the blocks by creating openings

This Worksheet is the first step to helping you Reflect, Visualize and Create your Destination. Follow this Worksheet with the Behavior Reflection Worksheet which helps you further break down your Behaviors which directly impact your vision.