Grief Emotions

One of the hardest things about Grief is that we can feel a million different emotions seemingly all at once. And oftentimes we can’t even put how we are feeling into words. The “Grief A Tangled Ball of Emotions” is a visual representation of all of those emotions and shows the true tanglement of all of our feelings. No wonder we’re exhausted, no wonder the “right” words are difficult to find!

It is a rare occassion that I do not present this visual to my Grief Support Event attendees. And everytime I do, it resonates with each person. So, I share it with you in hopes that you can begin putting words to how you’re feeling. Being able to find the words and express how we’re feeling is “forward” movement on our journey to healing. Because keeping how we’re feeling “inside” just doesn’t help….

(And I very much wish I could find the author of this visual. Yet my internet searches have not been lucky so far on locating him/her.)

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