Dual Process Model of Grief

Oftentimes it’s helpful to have a framework which will help you understand and put words and an understanding to what you are feeling. The Dual Process Model of Grief provides us that framework.

The Loss Oriented response to Grief is the GRIEF WORK. It’s when you are in the feelings of loss, when you are feeling the sadness and the longing. It’s when you are thinking about your loved one, maybe looking at pictures, holding their things.

The Restoration Oriented response is when you are dealing with the everyday business of life. You may be learning new skills – Maybe your loved one who died took care of the bills, so now you have to figure that out. In this response, you have a temporary relief from the strong emotions and feelings of the loss.

The idea here is that we go back and forth between the two. Healthy grieving means we move between loss-oriented and restoration-oriented coping.