Adult Grief Group

Fellow Therapists, Available for your use is material for a 5 week Grief group for adults. If you use all of the material or some of it, please drop me a line! I’d very much like to know how it is being used as well as how you might have adjusted any of it to work for your group.

Also, see my other Downloadable tools including a Teen Grief Group, and multiple grief-focused presentations for Counselors, Teachers, and Parents. 

Lastly, please also consider a donation of any amount which helps us continue this vital work!



Start Here: Grief Group Outline & Instructions

Start here with this detailed walk-through of each of the five sessions.

Presentation: Loss & Grief Group  

Use this Presentation for your group

Notes: Loss & Grief Group Presentation

Presentation notes for your group

Document: Weekly Journal Prompts

Handout: Week One – Group Contract

Handout: Week One – Hopes and Fears

Handout: Week One – Tasks of Mourning

Handout: Week One – Feelings Wheel

Handout: Week Two – Tangled Ball of Emotions

Handout: Week Three – Areas of Adjustment

Handout: Week Three – The Grief Experience